About Broccoli and Chocolate

about-angieMy name is Angie. I am not a professional food critic. I’m not a chef, a connoisseur, or an expert of any sort. My only qualifications are that I like to eat and I like to type. This is a Bay Area food blog for the masses. It’s not formal, it’s not professional, and it’s not even always fair (though I certainly try to be). This is a log of me patronizing different local restaurants and telling the internet what I think about them.

If you are affiliated with a restaurant that I have reviewed, please feel free to comment, email me, or link to the post (assuming it’s good). And, if you don’t like what I’ve said, I’m sorry, but it’s just my opinion and I’m fairly sure that I’m still allowed to put those on the internet, right? They haven’t taken that away yet?

Thank you for visiting, I hope that you can find some assistance or at least amusement from my efforts. Happy eating!

Why the name?

I wanted to create a food blog where I mostly review restaurants and talk about food, but also where I can be funny and rant about random food-related things. I wanted a clever name, something that was catchy but not common, and perhaps something that would make the reader say, “what?”. I was throwing together different items of food and wanted chocolate to be one of them, because, frankly, chocolate should be one of everything in my life.