Review: Burritt Room + Tavern, #SFRW

While San Francisco Restaurant Week may seem like an eternity ago now, only a few weeks has passed and I’m definitely overdue for some commentary. First up is our first SFRW visit for a $40 per person prix fixe dinner at The Burritt Room + Tavern.


I’ve been to the Burritt Room before, once for a media event and another time just for drinks. It’s a super cute bar and restaurant in the Mystic Hotel on Stockton just south of the tunnel, and the food I’ve had before was GOOD. But, since it’s always hard to judge a restaurant’s food from a media event, I wanted to return before commenting. It’s settled: The Burritt Room serves delicious food…. 

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Guest Post: Coffee

Today, boys and girls, we have a very special treat! One of my friends and former colleagues has been kind enough to weigh in on a topic where my expertise and experience lacks, but which the city of San Francisco provides aplenty: coffee! Please give a round of applause to my sweet friend Sam(antha) Vroomen as she takes us on a tiny tour of some of San Francisco’s hottest spots for a cup o’ joe.

from the Ritual Facebook page

Photo from the Ritual Facebook page

Did you know that Oakland is one of five ports of entry for green (unroasted) coffee beans in the US?  Knowing this, you shouldn’t be surprised by the plethora of third wave coffee shops in nearby San Francisco.  I won’t go into the semantics of “third wave,” since I apparently missed wave 1 and wave 2, or we’re doing the coffee craze backwards, Star Wars style.  … 

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Recipe: Chex Mix and the Post-Super Bowl Wrap Up

Whew! Super Bowl 49 (or XILZXVX or whatever in Roman numerals) was quite a doozy wasn’t it? What with a close score and improbable interceptions and guacamole spilled on the carpet? Yeah, it was a good day. And I tried really hard to make a good day even better by creating a couple tiny snack masterpieces for my friends (and gosh, myself) to enjoy. By the power vested in me by The Lady Who Works for Chex, I now share with thee two amazing Chex Mix recipes.

Chex Muddy Buddies and Original Recipe Chex Mix

Chex Muddy Buddies and Original Recipe Chex Mix

First is the OG Chex Mix. Literally straight from the Chex website:

Original Recipe Chex Mix… 

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Upcoming Event: Book Launch Party for The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Putting the words “book launch”, “party”, and “vegan” into one sentence may not be exciting to everyone, but my ears certainly perk up! See below for information on Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s book launch party coming up on Sunday February 1, 2015 from 2-5pm at Encuentro Cafe and Wine Bar, 550 2nd Street, Oakland. Tickets are $25 per person, and there will be appetizers (vegan, of course), wine, and friendly faces.

30-day vegan challenge poster

Giveaway: Chex Mix Super Bowl 2015 Party Pack

Update: The winner of the Chex Mix Super Bowl Party Pack, chosen by random number generator, is Patrick! Thanks to all who entered!!

Remember Chex Mix? I remember getting the packaged version as a snack sometimes when I was a kid, and hovering over the bowl at a holiday party if someone was kind enough to make a batch from scratch. In the interim since these childhood memories occurred, Chex Mix has not just stayed around, it has expanded, adapted, and become possibly more popular than ever. Case in point: the nearly endless recipes with accompanying beautiful photos on the Chex Mix recipe page — yum.

And Chex has been kind enough to host a giveaway with me just in time for your upcoming Super Bowl celebrations… please email me at or leave a comment below to be entered to win the following Chex Mix gift pack, sent right to your door!… 

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Review: Sens

Sens! There are a lot of really nice (and not cheap) restaurants downtown for all the fancy business peoples, and Sens is one of my faves. I’ve been many times over the years, and while I recall a dip in the quality of food and service for some time (or maybe it was just an off day? I’m not sure), my last visit for lunch was really, really good.

Slow Roasted Organic Chicken Breast ($17)

Slow Roasted Organic Chicken Breast ($17)


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Upcoming Event: SF Restaurant Week 2015

SF Restaurant Week is actually ten days long. If you’re ok with the fact that the title of the event is an outright lie, read on.

sfrw banner
Ok, no one can blame them — “restaurant week” does have a better ring to it than “ten days of restaurants and things”. I’m super excited about SFRW, which is the latest incarnation of the former Dine About Town, now hosted by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. What is SFRW? I thought you’d never ask. Bullet points:

  • January 21-30, 2015
  • Participating restaurants all around SF
  • Fixed menus for lunch (2 courses $25pp), dinner (3 courses $40pp), or super fancy dinner (tasting menu $85pp)


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Review(s): Palm Springs and Cabo San Lucas

Happy New Year! The end of the year brings, again, a welcome vacation which made me feel relaxed, happy, and inspired. To recap all the delicious happenings in my second trip to Palm Springs and first trip to Cabo, read on.



Palm Springs

This time, we rented a sweet retro house in a sleepy little desert neighborhood just outside Palm Springs. We made a lot of our own great food, but also hit up some restaurants in Palm Springs, a few of which I’ve added to my list of PS favorites.


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Aside from the classic gift card to any number of amazing Bay Area restaurants for the foodie on your list, here are a list of great local(ish) places from which to procure yummy holiday treats for all the stockings you’re preparing to stuff.


TCHO Chocolate

Touting themselves as “The New America Chocolate“, this locally made and conscientiously sourced chocolate is a delicious treat anytime. For the holidays, they have a few great gift options that are as cute as they are yummy.

Lai "Ornaments" Holiday Chocolate Gifts - Starting at $6.95

Lai “Ornaments” Holiday Chocolate Gifts – Starting at $6.95


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