Hi Blog. How are you? Have you been well? Good. … Oh, sorry, I’ve been, um, really busy at work and stuff. And there’s been some personal crap going on, so, sorry I haven’t been hanging out lately. … Well, I guess I don’t really want to talk about it. But thanks for being here for me. … Yeah, I agree. Let’s get back to it.

After a bout of radio silence (read: neglect), I’m back. And I’d like to start with some changes. Personal shit aside, this blog will be experiencing the following:

  1. I am not doing ratings any more for restaurant reviews. All I do is get crap about it, I don’t think it’s super helpful, and it makes my RSS look like poo. Done.
  2. I may post more about random crap and less about straight restaurant reviews. You know you want to read my inane rantings.
  3. A new theme? A certain friend has promised to show me how to upgrade my blog and make it look more awesome. I will hold him to this. And probably will buy him a cookie in return.
  4. I may cuss more, sorry kids. I’ve tried to keep everything pretty G rated thus far, but I think it’s time to bring in some tastefully hilarious cursing.
  5. Numbered lists will continue to be prominently featured, do not fear.

Additionally, a fine piece of electronics has recently come into my life: the mighty Canon S100. With this, I no longer have to dread toting around my beloved yet wholly cumbersome XSi and can conveniently store $500 worth of image-capturing goodness into the bottom of my shoulder bag. A call to all: please help me not leave my bag at restaurants and bars. I will be very upset if I lose this camera.

Ok, so that’s it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.