Events: SF Street Food Festival 2012

Ok, I didn’t actually go to the SF Street Food Festival this year. Yeah, fine, call me a jerk. Especially since they were so kind to invite me to the preview dinner last month. Which was awesome. But I went last year and, honestly, it was such a cluster that I wasn’t super excited to go again. Because I don’t like billions of people congregated in one area, not because I don’t like food, obv.

But, based on the preview dinner this year, I believe I would have liked much of the food at the festival. Here are a few of my favorite vendors who participated this year and the ridiculously delicious dishes they fed me a couple weeks ago:… 

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Products: Rewinery

Update: Rewinery has closed. :(

So, I have a food blog. Hi, yes, this is it. Because of this, I sometimes get free stuff. Or get invited to food events. It’s kinda awesome. And while I never promise to write about any of these things, I will write about them if I particularly like them. And sometimes, you get a coupon for stuff too (see below).

Enter Rewinery.

Rewinery is a wine delivery service in SF. They have one wine on special at any point (they seem to rotate about every week or two) and you order two bottles (typically) for $30. It is then delivered to your door by bike messenger within the hour. Or, you can specify an hour in the future (not the past, sorry) for it to be delivered if you want to order for later…. 

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