SF Street Food Festival 2012

Ok, I didn’t actually go to the SF Street Food Festival this year. Yeah, fine, call me a jerk. Especially since they were so kind to invite me to the preview dinner last month. Which was awesome. But I went last year and, honestly, it was such a cluster that I wasn’t super excited to go again. Because I don’t like billions of people congregated in one area, not because I don’t like food, obv.

But, based on the preview dinner this year, I believe I would have liked much of the food at the festival. Here are a few of my favorite vendors who participated this year and the ridiculously delicious dishes they fed me a couple weeks ago:

  1. Onigilly. I met Onigilly for the first time last year. I love them. I love rice balls with meaty or veggie filling inside. They’re even opening a real restaurant on Kearny just near my work! I can’t wait!


  2. Esquites from El Buen Corner. Esquites are “corn in a cup”. The corn is boiled then sauteed with butter, onion, and chiles. Then the lot is topped with mayo and salt and lime juice. Honestly, they had me at mayonnaise. So. Good.

    Really, really good corn.

  3. Jacked up hush puppies from Zella’s Soulful Kitchen. These were so good. Deep fried corn things with sauce on top. Tender and moist; yum. Granted, I didn’t know what a hush puppy was (you: you write a food blog? wtf?), but still. Good.

    Hush puppies. Good.

  4. Deep fried caramel pops from Clairesquares. Yeah, I know, it looks like a meatball. Or worse. I was hesitant to eat one, kinda. But it was pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I ate two. Shouldn’t have, but I did. Burned myself on one, they were so fresh and hot. And gooey. And sugary. Amazing. Caramel battered and deep fried. Just amazing.

    Deep fried caramel pop from Clairesquares. So. Good.

So that was my experience of this year’s SFSFF. Can we abbreviate it like that? The whole name is far too long. Like the lines at the actual festival. Zing! Kidding — thank you La Cocina for inviting me to your preview dinner. I had a blast and ate wayyyy too much.


So, I have a food blog. Hi, yes, this is it. Because of this, I sometimes get free stuff. Or get invited to food events. It’s kinda awesome. And while I never promise to write about any of these things, I will write about them if I particularly like them. And sometimes, you get a coupon for stuff too (see below).

Enter Rewinery.

Rewinery is a wine delivery service in SF. They have one wine on special at any point (they seem to rotate about every week or two) and you order two bottles (typically) for $30. It is then delivered to your door by bike messenger within the hour. Or, you can specify an hour in the future (not the past, sorry) for it to be delivered if you want to order for later.

It’s awesome. Their site is simple and easy to use. The wine is good (says the person who knows nothing about wine) such that $30 is a steal for two bottles (or so they tell me, at least). And they have specials sometimes: TCHO chocolate with your wine; Cowgirl Creamery cheese and Acme bread with your wine; all the fixins to make a pasta dinner with your wine. You get the idea. Also, sometimes, they have “happy hour” where they sell a bottle of wine for $5 for one hour (limited quantities, and you have to be on top of it to catch the deal).

I got those things in that box when I ordered my Rewinery. Yum.

Basically, I think it’s a great service and that they’ve executed it very well. I highly recommend it and they’ve given me a coupon to share with you so you can try it. Hence, fair San Francisco dweller, no need to put your outside-jacket on (Summer in SF — yeay!), Rewinery will come to you for $15 cheaper than they will everyone else. Type in the code brocandchoc at checkout to get $15 off your wine order at rewinery.com.

Side note: Also, apparently you’re supposed to tip your courier… a fact I was unaware of. Sorry, courier man, I live on a massive hill and I didn’t even give your sweaty ass a couple bucks for coming to me. Bad form. Please accept my apologies.