Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Aside from the classic gift card to any number of amazing Bay Area restaurants for the foodie on your list, here are a list of great local(ish) places from which to procure yummy holiday treats for all the stockings you’re preparing to stuff.


TCHO Chocolate

Touting themselves as “The New America Chocolate“, this locally made and conscientiously sourced chocolate is a delicious treat anytime. For the holidays, they have a few great gift options that are as cute as they are yummy.

Lai "Ornaments" Holiday Chocolate Gifts - Starting at $6.95

Lai “Ornaments” Holiday Chocolate Gifts – Starting at $6.95


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Products: Corazonas Oatmeal Squares

The nice people at Corazonas approached me recently about their heart-healthy, oatmeal-based snack bars. They sent me a few to try, and I have to say that I really liked them.


These snack bars are similar in size to a Clif Bar, which has historically been my go-to “energy” bar-type snack (though I have more recently moved to Kind Bars). Corazonas are different: they are softer and fresher-seeming, almost like an oatmeal cookie, but not so sweet. They have a variety of flavors available: banana walnut, chocolate brownie & almonds, blueberry, cranberry flax, chocolate chip, and more — and most of them I tried were really tasty.


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Services: Full Circle — Organic Produce Delivery

Oh! I just happened to see that Full Circle is having a LivingSocial deal right now and thought I’d take the opportunity to recommend them highly! Full Circle was kind enough to give me a six month subscription for free a while back, which was totally amazing. I hadn’t really done the CSA box thing (though Full Circle is apparently not a true CSA, which is ok), and Full Circle was an amazing introduction.

If you’re thinking about getting weekly fresh, organic produce delivery and you live in the delivery areas around the SF Bay, try them out. And buy their LivingSocial deal to get a discount!

full circle


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Products: Awesome Website —


pickles every month

Yes, this is a pickle of the month club. And I want it almost as badly as I want it to cost less. They offer 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-month subscriptions that calc out to $57 per month for delicious, gourmet, handmade pickles to be delivered to your house. That, imho, is outrageously expensive, but I guess they’re just that delicious, gourmet, and handmade. Oddly, the price per month does not decrease as you increase your subscription length — no bulk discount on pickles? Sad face.


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So, I have a food blog. Hi, yes, this is it. Because of this, I sometimes get free stuff. Or get invited to food events. It’s kinda awesome. And while I never promise to write about any of these things, I will write about them if I particularly like them. And sometimes, you get a coupon for stuff too (see below).

Enter Rewinery.

Rewinery is a wine delivery service in SF. They have one wine on special at any point (they seem to rotate about every week or two) and you order two bottles (typically) for $30. It is then delivered to your door by bike messenger within the hour. Or, you can specify an hour in the future (not the past, sorry) for it to be delivered if you want to order for later.

It’s awesome. Their site is simple and easy to use. The wine is good (says the person who knows nothing about wine) such that $30 is a steal for two bottles (or so they tell me, at least). And they have specials sometimes: TCHO chocolate with your wine; Cowgirl Creamery cheese and Acme bread with your wine; all the fixins to make a pasta dinner with your wine. You get the idea. Also, sometimes, they have “happy hour” where they sell a bottle of wine for $5 for one hour (limited quantities, and you have to be on top of it to catch the deal).

I got those things in that box when I ordered my Rewinery. Yum.

Basically, I think it’s a great service and that they’ve executed it very well. I highly recommend it and they’ve given me a coupon to share with you so you can try it. Hence, fair San Francisco dweller, no need to put your outside-jacket on (Summer in SF — yeay!), Rewinery will come to you for $15 cheaper than they will everyone else. Type in the code brocandchoc at checkout to get $15 off your wine order at

Side note: Also, apparently you’re supposed to tip your courier… a fact I was unaware of. Sorry, courier man, I live on a massive hill and I didn’t even give your sweaty ass a couple bucks for coming to me. Bad form. Please accept my apologies.

Canvas Print – Sponsored Post

Not so much sponsored, really, as part of an exchange. This is new to me and I was pretty excited about it.

Brendan from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me a bit ago to see if I wanted a canvas print in exchange for blogging about it. While I love this idea, I typically pass on promos because I don’t often find them relevant to my blog and don’t want to clog up the content with crap no one cares about. But Brendan knew a weakness of mine… I love canvas prints. I also love picture and photos in general. And I love ordering things online. Ok, Brendan, let’s do this.

Because this was being posted on my food blog, I figured it wouldn’t be appropriate to order a canvas print of my family, a sunset, or my cat. It’s really only appropriate to order a photo of food to discuss on a food blog. So, I set off perusing my multitudes of photos for one that would turn out well on a canvas.

I was looking for a superior photo, obviously, one with good light, a tantalizing subject, and perhaps some color. A close-up was going to work best since the canvas that Brendan kindly offered was an 8×10. After much deliberation, I chose this photo:

Tuna Sandwich from The Brick House in SF

Yeah, that photo is totally awesome, huh. I know. So, I used their “photo to canvas” website and created my canvas with just a few clicks. I told Brendan that I’d be happy to post about my experience on my site, but that I wasn’t going to pump anything up that wasn’t up to par. He was confident, and I see why. His site is solid, his product is great, and there’s nothing to complain about. I had a great experience (in addition to getting a free canvas print), and I love my sandwich canvas. Here she is:

Sandwich Canvas. I haven't hung it up yet, so I took this photo outside. Which is weird, I realize. But the lighting was good.

And here I am:

Me and Sandwich Canvas.