Sugar Mommie Cookies

Cookies, you say? Let’s just take it easy and start with cupcakes. Well, that’s what I started with, but who knows where Sugar Mommie will take me in the future?



Last Friday, the Man Thang* and I went to Family House of Fish and Poultry in Hayward (which will be an entirely other story and post) and obtained a heavenly treat: one Red Velvet cupcake made by Sugar Mommie Cookies. For some reason my initial thought was that a $3.50 cupcake was a bit pricey. I have since reconsidered and now wonder how it is that Ms. Mommie can afford to sell much such a treat at such a low price. Cases for buying one of these cupcakes:

  • This is not an elementary-school-sized cupcake, this baby will feed two or even four. It’s monstrous.
  • A dessert at a restaurant (i.e. one that someone else made for me) is easily $5-$8. This is a bargain for not having to heat up my oven!
  • Um, did I mention that it’s fabulous? Ms. Mommie started a baking business for a reason: she knows what’s up in the kitchen.

Ok, so, Sugar Mommie doesn’t have a store to call its own. But we really wanted to share the yum with some friends Saturday night. So we called up Ms. Mommie (510-209-3945, she’s super nice!) and asked if they sell small orders. No, actually, they only sell by the dozen. Shortly after hanging up the phone, however, Ms. Mommie herself called back to say that she’d be happy to bake us a small order, yeay!

Added bonuses and reasons why I Facebook friended them and Yelped them asap:

  • They made us a special order on the same day we called
  • They baked us a variety pack when I can only imagine that’s way more of a pain (2 red velvets, one yellow cake/chocolate frosting, one chocolate/chocolate!)
  • They gave us a deal and only charged $3 per cupcake
  • They delivered it to our front door!

Seriously, what more could we ask (except for bullet point lists of the high points, of course)? The cupcakes were a total hit with our friends. And if they (the cupcakes, not our friends) are an indication of the quality and deliciousness of all of Sugar Mommie’s baked goods, I’d order any item from their extensive menu (cookies, cupcakes) in a heartbeat for my next occasion. Perhaps you should, too?

*My attempt at getting into the Sugar Mommie groove; their tagline is, “all the sweet thangs are made here”!