Left Over Mac ‘n Cheese

…and I don’t mean the good home-made kind. Hear me out.

So I had boxed macaroni and cheese last night. Stop judging me. I realize this is a food blog, but it’s my food blog so keep quiet. Also, it’s actually a restaurant review blog; it’s ten kinds of pathetic up here in my own kitchen. As you probably know. Moving on.

Trader Joe's brand boxed mac 'n cheese with: peas, beans, avocado, parmesan cheese.

I put peas in my mac and cheese. See? Health food. Today I have left over macaroni and cheese and peas. And no microwave*. What’s a gal to do? Make a numbered list, of course:

  1. Saute some green beans in a pan. Don’t be scared, just put a drop of olive oil and some salt in a pan with your beans.
  2. After some amount of time, put in your cold mac ‘n cheese ‘n peas with the beans.
  3. Let everything kick it in the pan. Stir some. Turn that heat up nice and good.
  4. Here’s the key part: the little macs start, like, browning in the pan. It makes them kinda crunchy. It’s amazing.
  5. Everything’s been in there a few minutes. The macs are browning. Everything is smoking hot. Now: sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top. BAM! Like Emeril ‘n shit.
  6. Pour everything in a bowl and lecture your cat not to jump on the stove because sometimes it’s hot. Like now.
  7. Another key step: cut up some avocado and put it on top. Because why not? Avo is good on everything. Everything.
And then you have a weird, bastardized version of crappy boxed mac and cheese that’s way better than actual crappy boxed mac and cheese.

It was kind of amazing, actually. Maybe just compared to things that normally come out of my kitchen, but seriously, the crispy macs were all salty and good, the extra cheese was (and always is) an excellent decision, and the avocado actually confused me into thinking I might actually know something about food.

Which I don’t. But I did like eating left overs this time. Good job, me.

*No microwave partially because this is a new apartment and I haven’t convinced myself to buy one yet, and partially because it will take up all my awesome kitchen counter space if I were to get one. And because I don’t really use one. The jury’s still out.

Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream is a quaint little shop in the Mission where you can get rad flavors of ice cream any day of the week. I’m only still learning the lingo of the SF food scene, but apparently HS is all the rage. And I have no idea what’s up with the name, btw. (Update: Per this NY Times article, “Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe were characters on the bawdy old British sitcom ‘Are You Being Served?'”)

The line outside Humphrey Slocombe on your typical sunny Saturday (or so I'm told).

One time, I went to this ice cream shop in Berkeley that had a line out the door. And I was like, “oh, wow, this place must be amazing”. A double scoop of basil and lavender ice creams later and I was done with that place. So when I heard that Humphry Slocombe serves up their own unique flavors, I braced myself for some seriously weird hippie shit. They did not deliver. Which is to say, it was amazing.

HeardAbout.com hosted a free scoop of ice cream day which is what drew me to HS last Saturday. I tell you this because the free scoop flavor was “fluffernutter“, which is apparently a thing. It’s marshmallow creme and peanut butter, to be exact. And since I don’t love peanut butter in anything but a PBJ, I wasn’t super excited. But, trying to be a “yes” person more (shut up, just go with it), I opted to just give it a try.

It was awesome. For reals. Fluffernutter, who knew? It was sweet and peanut buttery and creamy and delicious. I got it on a cone* (um, duh) and thoroughly enjoyed every bite on a beautiful sunny San Francisco Saturday. Amazing. So amazing that I forgot to take a picture.

Daily flavors posted.

Apparently their “famous” flavor is “Secret Breakfast“, which is bourbon and corn flakes. Which sounds hilarious, but I was skeptical (see lavender ice cream above). One of the cool things about HS is that they let you try as many flavors as you want before you order. So, while I hate holding up lines (it’s too close to rule-breaking or cheating), I tried their Blue Bottle Coffee flavor and the Secret Breakfast. The coffee was good (but nothing beats Haagen Dazs coffee, sorry), but the Secret Breakfast was amazing. And so they won me over. Humphrey is legit people, no kidding.

Things to note: the flavors rotate daily and (I think) seasonally. They change that stuff up constantly. Go with it, trust them with your ice cream decisions. Also, this place is no secret. I thought the immense line out the door was because of the free scoop special that day. Alas, no. White folks in the Mission flock to this place like ants on a dead rodent.

*My friend Marc instructed me that day on the art of biting off the bottom of the ice cream cone and eating the ice cream from the hole thusly created. He stands by this method, but I found it to be difficult, hurried, ungraceful, and impendingly messy. I’m glad I tried it only so that I have the proper ammunition to make fun of others who practice this habit.

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