Upcoming Event: Mother’s Day

Yes, it’s that time again. No, not Christmas; rather, the Christmas that happens just for your mom  (or for you if you’re a mom, yeay!). Yes, Sunday May 10, 2015 is Mother’s Day! And I know there is always some moment in April where I realize MD is coming up, immediately call to make a reservation somewhere — because it’s better to have a reservation somewhere (and then sort out if you want to actually go somewhere else) than to have a reservation nowhere — and then frantically text my sister to see what’s actually going on.


Mom status: My mom (mom), my sister (also a mom), me (not a mom)

So, if you have not yet remembered to make that reservation (or buy a card, or mark your calendar to remind you to call, or whatever), here are a few suggestions for around the Bay of places that reportedly still have room for you…. 

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Review: Hawker Fare

Hawker Fare opened its first location in Oakland and, after great success, has opened a second location in the Mission district of SF. Their website has nearly no info, and their Yelp page has reviews that are all over the place. Here’s what I thought.



  • The atmosphere was great — a large open area with light strands strung about mid-height in the tall-ceilinged room, kitchy plastic multicolored table cloths, brightly colored rug mosaics covering the walls, and fun music. It was just what I needed on a Friday night.
  • The cocktails are tiki-bar themed and are fun and yummy. You can even get a little paper umbrella for yours if you pester the waiter to bring you one.
  • The service was kind, attentive, and helpful with suggestions.

So, you’ll notice that I didn’t mention the food. That’s because it was really the only con. Which is why, even though I liked the place and had a pretty fun time, I wouldn’t go back. Let’s discuss…. 

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News: I’m Going to be in a Google Video

Just a teeny tiny sneak peak to something I’ve been invited to participate in… I can’t say much, but I’ll be one of the people featured in an upcoming food-related video campaign that Google is shooting. I assume they’ve cast me as “normal person who isn’t sure what to do with their hands on camera,” and I look forward to exceeding their expectations in this role.

The campaign is still being sorted out, so no more details yet, but hopefully more to come in a few weeks!

New Restaurant: Blaze Pizza Opens in SF & Free Pizza!

Hey y’alls! Blaze Pizza is coming to San Francisco! You may remember when their Fremont location opened last year and they gave me some sweet vouchers for free pizzas. Well, this weekend you don’t need a voucher — come build-your-own FREE artisanal pizza on Saturday, March 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. in exchange for simply following Blaze Pizza on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The new digs are at Stonestown Galleria over near SFSU, and this is their inaugural SF location.


What is Blaze Pizza, you ask?… 

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Review: Roka Akor, #SFRW

My only SFRW lunch this year was at Roka Akor where we enjoyed two beautiful courses of modern Japanese cuisine for $25 per person.

IMG_5114I pass this downtown establishment often — it’s at the corner of Jackson and Montgomery and has been around for over a year. It looks fancy, and it is, which is both why I have not yet been, and why I chose to take advantage of their participation in SFRW. The menu choices were:… 

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Review: Burritt Room + Tavern, #SFRW

While San Francisco Restaurant Week may seem like an eternity ago now, only a few weeks has passed and I’m definitely overdue for some commentary. First up is our first SFRW visit for a $40 per person prix fixe dinner at The Burritt Room + Tavern.


I’ve been to the Burritt Room before, once for a media event and another time just for drinks. It’s a super cute bar and restaurant in the Mystic Hotel on Stockton just south of the tunnel, and the food I’ve had before was GOOD. But, since it’s always hard to judge a restaurant’s food from a media event, I wanted to return before commenting. It’s settled: The Burritt Room serves delicious food…. 

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Guest Post: Coffee

Today, boys and girls, we have a very special treat! One of my friends and former colleagues has been kind enough to weigh in on a topic where my expertise and experience lacks, but which the city of San Francisco provides aplenty: coffee! Please give a round of applause to my sweet friend Sam(antha) Vroomen as she takes us on a tiny tour of some of San Francisco’s hottest spots for a cup o’ joe.

from the Ritual Facebook page

Photo from the Ritual Facebook page

Did you know that Oakland is one of five ports of entry for green (unroasted) coffee beans in the US?  Knowing this, you shouldn’t be surprised by the plethora of third wave coffee shops in nearby San Francisco.  I won’t go into the semantics of “third wave,” since I apparently missed wave 1 and wave 2, or we’re doing the coffee craze backwards, Star Wars style.  … 

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